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Lantern Crownlight black 4 bulbs H243 cm
Extension cable 230V with 4 plug sockets
Extension cable 230V with 6 plug sockets
Halogen spotlight on stand 230V/300-500W
Standard lamp white L30*D30*H39 cm
Standard lamp white L30*D30*H76 cm
Standard lamp white L30*T30*H200 cm
Cable drum 230V 25m 3*1.5
Cable drum 230V 50m 3*1.5
Extension lead 400V L25 m five-pole 32A
Emergency exit light B10*L20 cm with battery 230V/5W
Distributing box 32A 400V 5P 2x five-pole 32A CEE 6x two-pole 16A/230V
Cubic floor lamp white 43*43*H43 cm 230V/25W
Bar table Kubus 40*40*H110 cm with plexiglass tabletop and LED battery lighting unit
Wall pot Ø72 H107 cm with LED battery lighting unit
Lamp Drip Ø 32 H165 cm 230V/25W
Wall lamp L70*D7*H70 cm 230V/25W
Cover acryl Ø 75 cm for pot Ø 72 cm
Cable ring 230V L25 m with 5 (adapter) sockets


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  • €31.73
  • €59.00
  • €86.28


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