In the almost 200 pages of his volume of ideas "Table Culture", Björn Kroner presents several dozen different ways to stage a table in an appropriate manner. Everyone who has something to do with non-food is involved.

With the theme 'Party on the Roof', we have provided all that is required at the Berlin Private Roof Club for a hip roof party in the big city: A long table (Algarve bamboo), colourfully decorated with the theme "Anything different goes". But today, what matters most is what's on the table. And the main feature here is that everything is handmade. With its organic shapes and colourful glaze, Craft leaves a lasting impression on the wooden blackboard. The water glass from Campania complements the table setting perfectly.

In addition to the storm lamps, there is also a touch of green. A lounge area consisting of Hee loungers and tree trunks on the edges of the roof terrace successfully completed the party on the roof.