Call Speisenwerft. Party Rent has had a long and confidential working relationship with the catering company, in which Tim Mälzer also holds a stake. But the request still took us by surprise: A whole new look for the Center Court Lounge at the Hamburg Rothenbaum. Not just new furniture - the entire space needed to look like a beach scene. Nothing should remain that would remind the guests of the existing interior, consisting of dark brown seating groups. "Bright", "friendly", "easy" and "beach vibe" were the key words to describe the required theming of the new room concept.

The results were amazing. With wood. A lot of wood! The entire length of the Center Court Lounge floors and railings were clad with spruce. The room appeared bright, inviting and also sporty. The interior was arranged accordingly in the room. The new Hee Bar Stool works perfectly with the Scandinavian style with its wire-shaped lightness. The seating groups with DSW chairs in the colours mustard, ocean and white also expertly conveyed the required style. Individual Kipu lounge stools loosened the set-up with shape and colour. The concept makes you want to go to the beach - without sand in your shoes.

Call Speisenwerft: Job done. We think the same! This was certainly no ordinary job with the complete restructuring. However, it does prove that we like to think beyond our horizons.