It is wrong to say that PRET A DINER is simply a pop-up restaurant, as they are now quite commonplace. However, KP Kofler (CEO Kofler & Company) does not just stage its culinary delights. With its award-winning concept, the premium caterer created its own brand long ago, fusing food, table culture, ambiance, entertainment and art into a contemporary lifestyle.

This vision is also reflected in the current pop-up experience in Frankfurt, which has already been extended to 14 October due to the volume of bookings. Their aim is to amaze guests and enrich their world through the experience. Looking around the high-ceilinged dining room, you can say with certainty that this has been achieved. The 500 guests at the opening will confirm it.

The colourful and cheerful interior combination of colourful DSW chairs, the Juno, short and long Algarve tables, the new Bornholm series and some of the furniture from the PRET A DINER collection is surprisingly harmonious and is vaguely reminiscent of the creatively decorated Studenten-WG (student accommodation). The whole room is green and exudes a feel-good atmosphere. There are an incredible number of details, providing a constant supply of new aspects to discover. Kofler & Company embodies the pop-up concept.