"Building together for 115 years" was the anniversary theme. The celebrations took place "at home", i.e. on the company's own premises. With impressive radiance, the undulating "Ocean" of Neptunus gave the event the attention it deserved. After a sensational opening ceremony on the first day of the event, which featured a laser show presenting the company's history, the party was in full swing. The guests first enjoyed drinks and appetisers from De Radstake and De Ploeg under the transparent roof. The lounge was furnished with trendy food trucks, a dance floor, lounge area and comfortable seating - Bornholm tables with DSWs and Tolix stools, Bahama standing tables with black leather bar stools and Kranich bar tables with Stool One bar stools. The successful festive evening was followed by the second day of the event, a special celebration for families.