7 semi-trailers, 500 m³ of furniture and equipment, 150 exhibition stands, 8,000 m² of carpet - impressive figures of a not-so-ordinary construction, which could be completed in just 36 hours. A particular challenge was to lay the carpet carefully, which had to take place in parallel with all the other construction work.

The Party Rent team didn't have their hands full just on site. This extensive project was preceded by a 12-month planning phase with intensive preliminary, planning and consulting discussions. Party Rent was involved in the planning process right from the start and worked hand in hand with the organizer. The layout and furnishing of the areas was discussed and coordinated jointly. The incoming orders of the 150 exhibitors were continuously incorporated. By supervising the fair throughout the planning process, a smooth operation could be ensured both for the organiser as well as for the exhibiting companies.