In our contemporary interpretation of the traditional colonial style, we combined lightweight materials like rattan and sea grass with pleasantly bright colours and enhanced it all with tropical Caribbean flair. Matching wooden accents provide an earthy contrast and a bit of greenery lends a fresh ambiance to the brightly lit spaces in Cafe Moskau.  We brought together a wide variety of decorative elements to create an electric mix of styles. This called for just the right balance, which was achieved through similar colours, forms and materials. Accessories played a central role as well – the more details, the better. The result was a contemporary, harmonious interpretation of BOHO in a retro-design with oriental/African influences.

In the conference area, a variety of set-ups showed the range of options available: here a colourful, relaxed style mix, there a classic black-white look. And when combined with the Skool chairs it also created a classroom in retro-look. Additional set-ups included a cosy sitting room in mix-and-match style using stock and in-house furnishings, a management board room as well as various interpretations on a classic gala dinner.

Together with our partners, Café Moskau – the trendy location in the heart of the capital – and Ambion, who provided the right equipment and spotlighting, we managed yet again to present new products and innovations as well as a wide range of options for the event world.