The 100-year company anniversary of Nordwest Handel AG was a reason to celebrate. It had to be authentic, stylish, and festive. Something that would live on in the heads and hearts of the guests. Therefore, the company commissioned the agency StrategieX to put together the festivities in the Warsteiner Music Hall creatively and professionally. From the planning to its realisation, the challenge was to provide seats for 1,200 guests between the steel beams without losing the event hall's industrial charm. Furniture that was modern but saved space was sought. And it had to be white. Our Ibiza tables in dinner and bar table height were the right choice for the desired standards. They were coupled with rows of tables of the same length. That allowed the dinner tables to be combined with white Cuba chairs, and the bar tables with white Cato barstools. The celebration was enchanting, and a further highlight in company history.