Food was served on wooden Bornholm tables in the dining area. A mix of simple Almeira bar stools and black Tolix and Hee bar stools provided a clear contrast to the rustically cosy Bornholm tables that worked brilliantly to create a harmonic effect. In addition, the kitchen area included a small bistro with Ibiza bistro tables and Skool chairs. Bornholm shelving functioned as a room divider and produced an even homier feel. The kitchen area was created using white counter tops, which were temporarily laminated to create a kitchen optic. noi! Event & Catering was on hand to provide appropriate catering. This was complemented by a comfy lounge area with Endless lounges and Pouf stools alongside a practical, open work area.

Together with our client, concept X, and Designwerk GmbH we fashioned a room-in-room concept that presented various living spaces in the brightly lit Hugo Junkers Hangar. It was all rounded out by a spectacular view through the glass façade of the legendary Ju 52 aircraft outside.