320 pastors attended the Pastoral Conference of the diocese of Essen in the Grand Hall Zollverein®®. There was twice as much seating. Why? A multi-level plenary session was created for each participant with the aim of encouraging discussion: At the front, lounge furniture was arranged in rows, including HAY, Freistil armchairs and bench elements from the modular ZA system. Behind them stood rows of transparent, white and black Nancy and Cuba chairs. Grey and white Cato barstools were lined up at the back.

The creative participants then put their heads together in small working groups to actively promote the future of the Ruhr diocese. 40 seating groups with eight seats each were created for this purpose. They discussed various topics along the partition walls, the results of which were then presented on stage.

This individual seating option offered the diocese of Essen a room concept that was perfectly attuned to their event.