530 guests went up 150 m over the Lake Baldeney – to the hunting lodge Schellenberg. Here, a great birthday should be celebrated in the beer garden. On this day, if the sun shines well on the birthday child and their guests, unfortunately one has no influence. Therefore, a weather-independent solution had to be found.  As much floor space of the beer garden as possible should be covered with tents. The uneven ground posed a logistical challenge. It was solved with a combination of a main tent and various types of pagoda tents, which together created a spacious tent landscape – without losing the unique view over Lake Baldeney to the Ruhr valley. A large amount of equipment – Bornholm tables and Cato bar stools – found room under the tent roofs, so that the guests had a generous, airy feeling of space. The unique ambience made for an unforgettable birthday party.