"Klassik airleben" 2019

Atmospheric open-air event in Leipzig's Rosental Park

On the last weekend in June, tens of thousands of people with their picnic baskets and blankets made a pilgrimage to Leipzig's Rosental Park for the brilliant open-air season finale of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra – "Klassik erleben". In summery temperatures, they experienced an atmospheric open-air concert with melodies from Italian opera. At the edge of the stage, we provided the VIP tent for the main sponsor Porsche. We show how the VIP guests experienced the event.

In order to implement the largest classical event in Leipzig's loveliest open-air concert hall so straightforwardly, it requires good collaboration between many partners. First and foremost main sponsor Porsche, which was presenting the "Klassik erleben" summer concert series for the sixth time. In cooperation with our client Porsche and the lead agency event lab. GmbH, we designed a customised set-up for the "Porsche tent", which provided space for dinner and catering, as well as a relaxed social gathering. Seating from the Danish manufacturer HAY was stylishly combined with furniture from the Bornholm natural wood range. Using furniture with high-quality woollen fabrics and natural wood surfaces created a very special atmosphere inside the tent with a cosy, welcoming effect. This enabled the guests to enjoy the "Night at the Italian Opera" in comfortable, informal surroundings.

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