Ten years ago, when navigation technology was just becoming popular, Party Rent equipped its first vehicles with tracking modules. Today, 150 of the continuously evolving tracking systems are installed in the group's vehicle fleet, and support live tracking of trip schedules, interactive overview maps, trip reporting, theft protection and a logbook that is accepted by the tax authorities.

Party Rent regards YellowFox primarily as a solution to ensure time-critical deliveries and collections, and for meeting specific deadlines – day-to-day requirements in the events industry. Depending on the traffic, trips can be rerouted at short notice, and arrival times predicted more accurately. The more transparent vehicle fleet also makes the work timetables of the mobile staff easier to track. This should make it possible to identify potential areas for more efficient loading. The tracking also allows customers to receive a detailed breakdown of services provided, and the time taken for each.

Bernhard Wewering, Sales manager at Party Rent, explains the benefits from a company strategic viewpoint: "We are realistic: YellowFox does not prevent traffic jams and when the traffic is bad, telematics does not suddenly make it easier to deal with. But the functionality provided by the tracking system has made our event logistic processes run significantly more efficiently over the last ten years, and generally speeded up our work. Tools like this have allowed us to achieve our aim of being the innovation leader, not only in our products, but also in the logistics for our events."