Practical, long-lasting, affordable and beautiful. Attributes that must fulfil the design in order to be used by Party Rent in events. The event supplier is now expanding its product line-up with the ‘DSW’ design classic in two variants: with black or white seat and a wooden frame made of maple, pickled and painted with black cross braces made of round steel.

As part of the Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Low Cost Furniture Design’ competition, the first industrially-manufactured plastic chairs appeared in 1950: the ‘Eames Plastic Side Chairs’ by Charles & Ray Eames. 

Made from the then still unknown fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin, Vitra today produces Eames chairs from polypropylene, which is far more environmentally friendly. Known for its revolutionary design that combines comfort with an original look, the ‘DSW chair’ in particular is an icon of furniture history.