An Orangerie that’s protected as a historic monument, an idyllic landscape, and dreamy weather – ideal conditions for the photoshoot of our new collections. Besides the new additions to the table top area, our in-house developed Bristol and Halmstad table series will instantly impress. When our team developed and selected the new products, it was especially important to them that the products harmonised with each other and that the combination of the various collections opened up new possibilities in room design. We show how successful that was with our new favourites from Mysa, which, when translated from Swedish, means something like “cosy up”. This means that the new collection reflects the zeitgeist and is perfect for the trendy Family Style. The guest can feel at home and enjoy the sunny side of life in a casual atmosphere. Strangers become friends at the table. And individuals come together as a group.

Mysa is meant to be a collection, and can be combined with suitable flatware and glasses. Mysa harmonises with cutlery from the Vintage Look and with our homespun new collection Touch Round Blade, which features a brushed surface. Various new water glasses complete the design on the table. Our aspiration is to allow each table used to meld with the tableware and thus create a harmonious overall image.

This succeeds, for example, in combination with the new dinner table Bristol, that comes furnished with an industrial trestle of black steel and a Bornholm plate with a natural wood finish. A mix of different chairs and the Bornholm bench completes the event setting. The many different colours and forms also predestine the new collection for the popular “Flying”, because it results in countless combination possibilities.

Reserved, yet something else entirely at the same time, Mysa is design-savvy, modern and unpretentious when combined with the bright, minimalistic Halmstad table. But the setting appears natural and harmonious thanks to loving details and coordinated colour palettes.