The "Used Look" is a popular trend for furniture too. The rustic Bornholm series – with the appearance of older, worn wood – is a popular choice, with its original look, for installation in cool locations with unfinished walls and rustic highlights. The hand-made, unique pieces with a wood look create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. And these pieces of furniture fashioned from old wooden planks are a leading favourite in the popular street-style. The standing height tables in the Bornholm series interact perfectly with their lower-level brothers, enabling different levels and a wider field of view across a room. The standing height table can be used in a reception area or bar, with the addition of the black Tolix bar stool as a highlight. Combined with brightly coloured seating, such as DSW chairs, they also provide an interesting combination of furniture at the dining table. On the table, a strong contrast is provided by the black RAK porcelain "Volcano" series. Of course, you can equally well develop a furnishing design by combining white chairs and white table tops with the Bornholm series. Suitable bars, wooden cubes, and the Zinzo coffee tables can complement the natural wood series. This means that Bornholm is a multi-functional event furniture range: timeless, practical and suitable for any event.