Traditional manufacturer Spiegelau and award-winning bar manager Stephan Hinz have come together to create the Perfect Serve Collection: a series of glasses that combine aesthetic appeal and sensory impact while also standing up to the daily demands of the restaurant business. “However varied the restaurant trade may be, the requirements of a really good glass remain the same. We have therefore combined functionality with timeless elegance. And these are qualities that will complement any bar, regardless of concept or short-term trends”, explains Stephan Hinz.

Our glasses appeal to all the senses – from the optics to their weight in the hand and the sound they make. The special cut décor on the glasses refracts light in a unique way, giving them a distinctive brilliance. The collection ranges from simple bar glasses and both small and large tumblers to highball and classic martini glasses. They are perfectly balanced in terms of both size and weight and are suitable for pre-cooling in standard freezers. The crystal glasses are incredibly scratch-resistant, durable and dishwasher safe.