The portfolio has new impetus: In addition to the large range of atmospheric product and room images, trends and styles are to play a more substantive role. Changing mood boards displaying creative concepts support the event design process with ideas and inspiration. Click on the new "Like" button to save favourites. Another new feature enables users to collect and present images, not only individually but as whole moodboards, which can be sent via email. This provides planners with a way to quickly and easily convey ideas about how an event could be created. Budgets can also be considered and discussed with a customer adviser, always keeping an eye on the costs.

The relaunch of the Party Rent app is a vital addition to the event designer's toolbox, for mobile inspiration and presentation. Party Rent uses the app to show how inspiration in printed and digital form can work together, following the company's books about the design and functionality of the product range published after the beginning of the year.

The new Party Rent app for tablets is now available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store.