This industrial look and feel embodies our concept of turning every place into a location with a wonderfully hand-crafted, not quite finished vibe — and this, in turn, inspired the creation of the Bristol Collection. The frame for the table collection is made from a black steel more commonly seen in industrial environments, and lends the tables a particularly rough and original character. "Together with our Bornholm tabletop made from old wooden planks, Bristol creates a warm, original and cosy atmosphere," says Tobias Boeing, Designer at Party Rent.

As well as the Bornholm tabletop, the black industrial trestle can also be combined with Aspen in a natural grey look, the light woods of the Sylt collection and Samoa in teak. Brown, black and white tabletops are also available. The seven different styles come in different formats, with the full collection including bar, dining and bistro tables.

Discover the Bristol Collection.