Be it agencies, caterers or consumers – our experts will stand by your side through all phases of your event, right from the very early orientation and planning  stages: be it as people to provide ideas and stimuli for creative room concepts, or when it comes to  selecting the equipment to suit the aims of your communication. Do you still not have any idea about what your future event will look like? No problem! Our interior designers and illustrators will use professional CAD programs to visualise your concepts in 2D or 3D. This will create a realistic impression of the final event atmosphere. For maximum planning security, we are also happy to provide you with scale drawings of the seating, photograph-like renderings or even approvable layout plans.

Detailed concepts should be implemented in an accomplished fashion. With our specially trained project managers, we ensure that your ideas can be realised on site smoothly and without surprises. As passionate event logistics experts, we adhere precisely to schedules and coordinate the different trades – it doesn‘t matter if we are working on a family wedding, an anniversary for a medium-sized company, or an international event in a stadium-like venue.

Our service team is extremely experienced when it comes to dealing with our event equipment and, as such, can provide active support on location. Thus, a quickand reliable set-up and dismantling of the hired furniture is guaranteed, both before and after your event. By way of example, we can transform a reception into an evening dinner for over 1,500 guests within just 60 minutes. Above all else, this helps to reduceevent space fees.