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Rent classics chairs at Party Rent

Where would we be without our classics chairs? These chairs have proven to be timeless. These are quality seats that have made many events a success. The collection of classics chairs is a collection that we are proud of at Party Rent. Take a look at our Classics chairs for rent and make your choice.

The classics of Party Rent

Since the establishment of Party Rent there is one thing we always stand for: quality. Quality in service, quality in products and quality inspiration. In our Classics collection you will find chairs that have proven to be this time after time. During events these chairs are often used to full satisfaction. When it comes to choosing a chair, requirements can vary significantly: Chairs should have a high visual impact at an event while also providing excellent functionality - including a high degree of comfort. So why not hire classic chairs with covers?

Classics chairs range

Do you want to rent classics chairs at Party Rent? Have a look at our classics chairs, for example: Wooden chair Torino. This chair is available in many colors and is particularly suitable for eg a (gala) dinner. Chair Dallas is ideally suited for a congress and has chair covers that transform this congress chair into a chic chair in a jiffy. The Köln chair is a modern chair that fits in almost every event concept. The Wooden folding chair Athen is perfect for an outdoor event.

Learn more about classics chairs

The aesthetics and comfort of these chairs make them the perfect seating option for your event: The Party Rent range has a large selection of classic chairs for your event. Discover our range of rental chairs and be inspired by our ideas! Have you seen a classics chair that matches the concept of your event? In our webshop you can order classics chairs for rent online. Would you like to get more information about classics? Please feel free to contact us.