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Rent comfortable deck chairs

Would you like to give your guests the opportunity to comfortably rest and talk to each other during your event? Make use of deck chairs that invite you to a relaxed posture and conversation. At Party Rent you can rent several comfortable deck chairs. We have deck chairs and sun loungers with a design look and beach look.

Find the right deck chair for your event

Whether you are organizing a garden party, beach party or corporate event, at Party Rent you will find cozy and comfortable deck chairs and loungers that will complete your event style and provide a relaxed atmosphere. Look in our webshop for the endless possibilities that you have with our deck chairs and loungers. You can rent deck chairs in a natural look, but also opt for loungers with a sleek and modern look. Both large and small. For example, dress up the lounge area at your event with deck chairs, sun loungers, bean bags and lounge chairs. Discover all possible variations.

Various styles

In our webshop you will find pronounced teak deck chairs such as Bali and the roof wicker beach chair. In addition to these loungers, our collection also includes lounge sofas, armchairs, bean bags, lounge cushions, blankets and lounge hockers that fully decorate your event.

Online inspiration

Party Rent supports project managers and clients in the planning of events with the Party Rent App. Here you will find atmospheric event and product images. Get inspiration for your event and see how others use deckchairs and other furniture for relaxation. Create the perfect event experience. Via mood boards it is possible to shape and save your own concepts for presentations and meetings about your event.

Want to know more about deck chairs?

Would you like to rent deck chairs for your event? Look in our webshop for all possibilities or contact Party Rent for more information.