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Rent electric heating

Are you hosting an event in the evening or in the colder days of the year? Keep your guests pleasantly warm with an electric heater. At Party Rent you can rent electric heating.

Coziness and warmth for everyone

No matter if you are giving an outdoor garden party, a wedding, a beach party or a company barbecue, the cold does not have to be a spoiler anymore. With an electric heater you keep your guests pleasantly warm. Look in our webshop for heating systems in the form of an electric heater. Party Rent rents out the following electric heaters:

Electrical heaters are ideally suited for events where no fuels or open fires are allowed. Also in cases where no oxygen may be consumed by a flame, or where no flue gas or moisture may be blown out, an electrical heating system is the solution.

Alternatives for electrical heaters

Besides electric heaters you can also rent other types of heaters at Party Rent, including:

Use warm decoration and complete your event

Do you want to provide even more warmth and coziness at your event? Give your guests the pleasure of outdoor design furniture with matching blankets and pillows. Speaking of outdoor: Dress your outdoor event with hockers, loveseats, benches, inflatable benches, chesterfields and beanbags. The possibilities are endless. Check out the Party Rent App for more inspiration and see how other event organizers have deployed our electric heaters and other products at their event.

More information about renting electrical heaters

Do you have questions about renting electrical heaters at Party Rent? Then contact us. We are ready to support you with all the needs for your upcoming event.