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Rent a Fatboy beanbag at Party Rent

Give your guests a comfortable place to relax. Rent Fatboy beanbags at Party Rent. The Fatboy beanbag is a lifestyle icon. These beanbags perfectly fit into an ambiance where lifestyle and relaxation play an important main role. For example at holiday fairs or in a lounge room at a music event.

Fatboy Original white INDOOR

With the Fatboy Original white INDOOR you can dress up your event with that little bit extra. Allow your visitors to relax in a beanbag that almost completely closes the body and gives optimal support. The beanbag is ideal for sitting, lying down or lounging and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The beanbag from Fatboy is available in the color of white and is perfect for indoor use or outdoors with very nice weather. The dimensions of the beanbag are B180 * D140 centimeters.

Beanbag Fatboy Original black INDOOR

Vary white Fatboy beanbags with the Fatboy Original black INDOOR bean bag. Especially if you like a dark and intimate atmosphere, this black beanbag is really something for your event. The beanbag measures just like the white Fatboy beanbag B180 * D140 centimeters.

Maintenance and care

Place the beanbag on a clean surface to keep the bag in a good condition. Should the beanbag still get dirty, then we can charge extra cleaning or replacement costs. Combine the bean bags with a lounge bar so that your visitor can fully enjoy your event.

Learn more about Fatboy beanbags for rent at Party Rent

Thanks to our years of experience in rental products and furniture for events, we have a wide range and a range of creative ideas for the decoration of your event. Have a look at the Fatboy beanbags for rent in our webshop and contact us for more information. Or make your rental reservation online!