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Lounging in a relaxed atmosphere

Create a relaxed and communicative atmosphere at your event with our outdoor lounges. We have many styles and designs to choose from - from sun loungers to armchairs and sofa systems in many combinations. Lounges create a cosy atmosphere. Rent outdoor lounge furniture for your event.

Rent lounges for your outdoor event

Party Rent has outdoor lounges for all types of event. Whether a corporate event, gala, automotive event, fair or conference: as lounge furniture distributors, we have the solution. We can customise your outdoor event venue with modern lounge furniture. Outdoor lounges, outdoor sofas and chairs give your event added quality.

Rent lounge furniture for a relaxed and communicative atmosphere

Working together with you, we can design an equipment concept for your outdoor event which is suitable for your requirements, using CAD drawings and renderings to visualise the concept. This will give you a better feel for the event's atmosphere. Be inspired by our visualisation team, who can help you to design your outdoor lounge.