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Renting lounge stools

It is always a good idea to have additional seating spontaneously at hand in lounges to ensure that every guest has a seat. This will allow them to have relaxed discussions. A lounge stool is the perfect solution. Increasingly unusual designs are becoming more and more popular as solutions for uncomplicated seating concepts, including different types of event areas. At Party Rent we like to inspire you with ​​lounge furniture. That includes our stylish lounge stools. The right lounge stool for your event can be rented at Party Rent.

More comfort

A lounge hocker is the perfect addition to a lounge area during an event. With stools you not only create more comfortable seating, it improves the atmosphere of your room. In several of our lounge collections you will find modern, colorful and / or comfortable lounge stools, which in some cases can also serve as a lounge table. Take a look at the seat cube Moduplus, a modern hocker available in a variety of colors. The poufs from the Kipu collection are again a playful variant of the hocker. Take a look at our webshop and choose the lounge hocker that best suits your event.

Rent Party Rent lounge stools for your event

At Party Rent, you will find a wide range of stools that blend perfectly into your lounge. Choose from lounge benches, Ottomans and seating cubes. Take a seat on a comfortable lounge stool or seating cube. Discover the right lounge stool to make your event that little bit more comfortable from our range of modern and traditional options with trendy, functional or simply comfortable designs.

Want more information about lounge stools?

Give your event location a casual feel with lounge stools. Lounge stools complement the existing décor. They can be used as individual seats or combined with lounge benches and armchairs. Flexible seating which can be rearranged will contribute to the relaxed atmosphere at your event. Do you want to rent lounge stools for your event? Then take a look in our webshop or contact one of our employees for more information. 'We create atmosphere.'