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Tables for rent at Party Rent

Whether you are planning a reception, dinner or corporate event: Party Rent makes renting tables for your event easy. Party Rent is a leading in renting out furniture, accessories and catering products for events. At Party Rent you can hire design tables, bar tables, lounge tables, banquet tables and more.

Furnishing events over 20 years

With over 20 years of experience, our staff has extensive expertise in organizing events. For example you can rent tables with us, including dinner tables, bar tables, bistro tables and lounge tables. In addition, we are happy to assist you in setting up the complete arrangement of your event. In consultation with you, we arrange event equipment that creates the right atmosphere and ambiance. Your wish is our concern.

Renting tables, chairs and furniture

At Party Rent you can rent a lot more than just tables. With our wide product range you can completely style your event concept. With us you can even rent catering equipment. Furthermore we have a certified workflow and an excellently event logistics system. This will ensure that you can focus on more important issues that occur when you are organizing an event. We are also happy to support you in setting up and dismantling your event location. We will facilitate you wherever you need.

Party Rent: 'We create atmosphere'

Do you want to rent tables or are you interested in renting other furniture for your events? Ordering these products is easy with Party Rent. After checking out our product range, you can order fast and efficiently by using our Quick Order system.

Interested in renting tables at Party Rent?

Would you like more information about renting our tables or other furniture? Or do you need some assistance by ordering your tables? Our experienced staff will provide you with inspiration and the best tables to rent and to match the concept of your event. Contact us. We will be happy to assist you with your order.