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Office tables

Are you looking for office tables or conference tables for a project or event? At Party Rent you can rent office tables in various colors, styles and sizes. Discover the collection.

Why buy if you can rent?

Buying tables for a temporary project or an event is not necessary. Just rent them at Party Rent. You will find tables in our webshop that fit perfectly in any modern office. For example the USM Haller table in white or black. This table is available in the size L150 * B75 * H74 cm. Or choose the Foldit table. This table is also available in white or black and measures L160 * B70 * H71 cm. Look in our webshop for more specifications and reserve your tables directly.

Office tables with a knee shot

Do you want a table with more privacy, for example for the tables in the first row, or for the convenience of ladies wearing skirts? Then the Foldit table with knee cap is suitable for your concept. This table measures L160 * B70 * H71 cm and is available in the colors black and white.

Conference tables

The Party Rent Conference tables are also available with a knee shot. Take a look at this gray conference table with knee shot in size L160 * B50 * H76 cm. If you want a conference table without a knee shot, you can reserve these tables in gray (L160 * B50 * H76 cm) and white with chromed frame in size L120 * B80 * H74,5 cm.

More information about renting office tables

Party Rent has an interesting assortment of office tables for temporary offices and conferences. Have a look and rent the furniture in our webshop, or contact us for more information. We are glad to help you.